Our church just recently completed this journey together.  If you missed it, we encourage you to download the verses list below and take your own journey in the Scriptures.  

Are you ready for The Essential Jesus Challenge?

The Challenge guides participants through the list of short Bible passages following the storyline of Jesus Christ—25 from the Old Testament and 75 from the New Testament—over a 20-week period.  Our church will be doing this 20-week journey together starting in January!  Each week Pastor Brad will be preaching from one of the passages from that week's readings.  Wednesday night Bible studies will also center around these passages as well.  You are invited to take the challenge with us!


Who Should Take the Essential Jesus Challenge?

The Essential Jesus Challenge is for anyone who wants to know more about Jesus. That includes Christians who have never really read all that the Bible says about Jesus, those not sure about Jesus but honestly seeking to know more about him and non-believers who want to make their own assessment of Jesus and his claims— all will find The Essential Jesus Challenge helpful. In addition, the Challenge will help you take an honest look at what Jesus said and did so you can discover who he really is. We hope you will join us!  Our church will be doing this 20-week journey together starting in January!